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Welcome To Speedy Locksmith Henderson, Colorado!

At Speedy locksmith you will be able to find Professional and Low Cost locksmith technicians in your area.simply call our main office
At : Click to call (Smartphones users) (720) 329-7040 And one of our Dispatchers will located the nearest
locksmith and he will contact you within 5 minutes our response time is anywhere
between 15-20 minutes!! so don’t waste you time looking for a locksmith service and Prices when you
have Speedy Locksmith Henderson.

Why To Choose Speedy Locksmith?

Because We know how to get any job done the best way and for the best price!
we know that keeping your home and house security is an important thing
so we also have high security locks for that reason.

Can we make Keys For Cars/Trucks?

We are the only locksmiths in Colorado that deals with high
security vehicles like BMW, Mercedes, Lexus we will be
able to do any type of vehicle, we also provide service
to car dealers in Colorado.

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