Pros and Cons of Rekeying

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rekeyingHave you moved into a new place? Do you have a new tenant? Or has your place been recently burglarized? How about your locks – are they old but you just hadn’t had the time yet to replace them? Keeping your locks properly working is one way to ensure an awareness of heightened security.

Rekeying is a process (known to those who are familiar with the know-how) wherein the tumblers inside the locks are reconfigured. Some people who have a background with locks and keys prefer to buy the tool kit and do the procedure themselves. But most are left clueless, needing professional help.

Advantages and disadvantages of rekeying

One advantage of having the locks rekeyed is to ensure that no unwanted person will ever intrude your premises of your building or privacy of your home. Having the locks rekeyed, you, the owner will have a single key (master key), or fewer keys, for all the locks installed both indoors and outdoors. It is advised to have a master key to most of your locks except the garage and a few other exceptions for security reasons. For your car, you may not want any other person to have free access to it.

A disadvantage is, the inevitable security issue associated with the master key. The holder of it has to make sure it is well secured to avoid unauthorized use or recopying. Otherwise, the purpose of rekeying will have been defeated.

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